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Rotary cowshed - related articles and blog posts

What is a rotary cowshed?

Cowsheds are for milking cows and rotary cowsheds aim to increase milking efficiency by having cows walk onto a rotating platform and walk off again once they have finished being milked. i.e. there is a continuous flow of cows entering and exiting the platform.

Cows which don't finish milking within the normal 6-8 minutes ("slow milkers") can be sent around again meaning that they don't hold up the release of other cows that have finished milking (as what happens in herringbone sheds).

What's our rotary cowshed like?

We have a 36-bail shed meaning that there are up to 36 cows on the platform at any one time. Milking our herd of 350 cows generally takes around 80 to 110 minutes plus time for cleaning up afterwards.

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