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What are bobby calves?

Bobby calves (or bobbies) are calves which are sent off-farm to a factory when only a few days old, as opposed to calves which are sold onto other farms or keepers which are raised on the farm into adulthood.

Watching the bobby calves being loaded onto the bobby truck is one of the sadder aspects of dairy farming, but at least they aren't simply abandoned as what happens in some other countries.

I'm told that the term "bobby calf" comes from back in the days when such calves were sold for a bob(*) each. These days they're worth more than that, but still not very much - around $1 per kg, meaning about $10 - $20 per calf.

(*)Thanks to one of our readers, "Margo" for pointing out that 1 bob represented 1 shilling - not 1 pound as we'd written. A farm workers' wage in the 1940's was around 10 shillings a week - i.e. 1/2 pound (at 20 shillings per pound)

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