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Cows escape! Mixed in with the neighbour's herd...

January 15, 2009

This is definitely not the sort of thing you want to see on a hot summer's day; our cows wandering through a gap in the hedge to mingle in with the neighbour's herd!

Cows broken into the neighbour's property

I guess it was bad luck that we'd sent our herds into neighbouring paddocks; that's only happened a couple of times since the start of the season. But there was a difference this time - we had two bulls running with our herd and the neighbour had a bull in with his herd too. There was just too much temptation for them!

An unimpressed bull

From the look of the broken fence it would seem that the neighbour's bull broke through first, then our two bulls went into defensive mode and tried chasing him back. Meanwhile there are always some curious individuals within any group of animals and those are the ones that decided to pass through the gap into the neighbouring farm.

Our neighbour and us had to spend a couple of hours in the hot sun sorting through the herds and getting any strayers back onto the correct property. All-in-all it wasn't as bad as it could have been and was actually a good excuse for a chat.

The bulls wouldn't give up though, even after putting a temporary fence on both sides of the gap. So eventually we decided to move the entire herd into a different paddock away from the edge of the farm.

Something needs to be done about that broken fence though...

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tmongan said "Hard to stop a Bull!" on 9-Oct-2009,
I guess those bulls are pretty determined! How much do they weigh you think? I imagine a fence would be easy pickings for something so big. Good Luck with the fence!
Rrory said on 19-Feb-2010,
6 x 6 in. wooden fence should do the trick if you don't want to use steel.
Lawyer Christchurch said on 1-Mar-2010,
Good thing it is nothing like that in Spain where you throw youself in front of raging bulls and run shouting pray for your lives! What am I doing here?!!!
Rory said on 17-Mar-2010,
At this stage, I am so tired of blogging that I would trade a huge chunk of my savings to spend a year on a farm with no deadlines or quotas to meet. Where are you located at?
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