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Christmas sleep in - NOT!

December 25, 2008
4:45am on Christmas Morning

Ahhh, Christmas Day - that day where everyone's jolly and no-one works.

That's not the case on the farm I'm afraid - Santa had barely gone when I got up to work! How about a 4:45am start on Christmas Day? That's not a sleep in!

Well the cows have to be milked and they can't do it themselves! (Not yet anyway - I hear that robot milkers are the hot trend overseas...)

Forking out triple pay to a relief milker to do the chores at Christmas time isn't an option for us so that makes for an early start for me in order to get back home early enough not to frustate my eager present-opening kids.

Christmas Day is anything but relaxing here, with:

  • early morning milking
  • presents at home
  • presents with the grandparents
  • Christmas lunch with extended family
  • afternoon milking
  • Christmas dinner with more extended family

It'll be boxing day before I know it!


Broken fence to the neighbour's property
An early start on Christmas morning
Cooking dulce de leche
Milk payout drops to $6
Payout to drop further?
Grass cut for silage in front of Mount Taranaki
Sore fingers
Fertiliser truck driving up a grassy hill
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