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Grass cut for silage

November 8, 2008
Grass drying in front of the mountain

Finally we have some nice fine weather after three weeks of almost constant drizzle, wind and greyness. This time it looks like the sun will stick around for a few days. That's great because we've had several paddocks of grass shut up ready to make silage.

Today it was a case of getting those paddocks cut, teddered and ready for bailing tomorrow. The good news for us is that the silage making is contracted out to an external company these days so we don't need to spend all day on a tractor gettings things done.

In yesteryear silage was cut, semi-dried then all thrown in a silage pit which was covered with plastic, tied down and left to stand. These days the semi-dried grass is bailed in large silage-bales instead and each individual bale is wrapped in plastic. The main advantage of the new method is that the bales can easily be used all over the farm as required, rather than being limited to the paddocks near the silage pit.

The weather can change very quickly around here so tomorrow it will be all go - getting those bales made and wrapped and ready for storage!

Cut grass teddered in rows



Zetor Tractor said "Silage Cutting" on 22-Jan-2009,
I love driving past farms and smelling the fresh cut silage. Reminds me of driving down the roads back home! Somebody should bottle it!
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