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Why's that milk there?

September 3, 2008
Milk overflowing onto the platform

Recently we've starting getting some milk going into the overflow can and spilling out on the rotary platform when we pull the vacuum plug at the end of milking. It's not a major problem yet but it is a hassle since we have to clean out the overflow can after each milking and we're at risk of getting a grade if there is a hole in the milkline.

Milk can enter the overflow can if there is too much milk in the main collection can - from cows dropping their milk too fast or if there is a problem with the milk lift pump. But the cows aren't on their spring grass yet and the milk pump seems to be working fine so it appears we have a different problem that needs sorting out. The main suspect is frothy milk - maybe due to an air-leak somewhere.

We had a technicican come out to investigage the problem today but he didn't find anything obviously wrong. He suggested that we give all of the clusters an extra good clean and that we replace a couple of bulbs that have small cracks in them. So we'll have to wait and see if there is any improvement tomorrow.

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A Year On The Farm said on 3-Sep-2008,
Frothy-milk / overflow is still a problem so it looks like we'll just have to cope with it by washing out the overflow cylindar after each milking.

We've also ordered some new rubber "buttons" to replace the old ones on the milking clusters so hopefully they'll help to reduce the amount of air mixing with the milk.
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