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SCC down to 100. Yay!

September 10, 2008
Somatic Cell Count down to 100

We've had a bit of mastitis over the last couple of weeks but have been good at spotting and treating the affected cows. We've managed to avoid getting any grades and have maintained a sematic cell count well within the accepted limits.

Our diligence in keeping healthy cows has become evident with the last few milk collections as our SCC has been trending down to a low of just 100 today. That's great when you consider that the company average (for all farms supplying Fonterra) was over 200 for the same date and the maximum allowed before incurring demerit points is 350.

We've been maintaining A to A+ for bactoscans and around 100/ml for thermoduerics too so milk quality and hygiene is all in good order thus far.

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We've dropped the SCC even lower now - into the 90s.
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