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Thanks for the beenie, Riverlands

September 6, 2008
Free beenie from Riverlands

We received a surprise gift in the mail today - Riverlands had sent us a beenie hat to say "thanks" for sending them plenty of quality bobby calves this year. Well riverlands, you're welcome!

There have been plenty of bobby calves on the farm since we don't use AB on the heifers and thus don't keep any of their calves. Still, the quality of the herd is very high (within the top 10% for breeding worth) so we keep all of the heifer calves born to AB'd cows.

Broken fence to the neighbour's property
An early start on Christmas morning
Cooking dulce de leche
Milk payout drops to $6
Payout to drop further?
Grass cut for silage in front of Mount Taranaki
Sore fingers
Fertiliser truck driving up a grassy hill
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