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No more frothy milk (fingers crossed!)

September 10, 2008
Black button on the milking cups cluster

As I wrote a few days ago, we've been having some problems with milk spilling over into the overflow can and then onto the rotary platform - possibly due to frothy milk caused by an air leak somewhere.

One of the things that the milking machine technician recommended was for us to change all of the rubber buttons on the milking clusters since some of our buttons were perishing a little and maybe letting some air in.

Well yesterday I went over the plant and replaced about 30 of the 36 buttons with new ones (the others were already fairly new).

Guess what? We've had very little milk in the overflow can since then so maybe that really was the source of the problem.

Coincidentally though we also started supplementing the cows' diet with palm kernel a few days ago and the other possible culprit for frothy milk was the mineral make-up of the early spring grass the cows have been feeding on.

What really matters is the end-result and it seems (for now at least) that we might have an end to the frothy milk / milk spilling over problem in the cowshed. Fingers crossed!

By the way - there have been no complaints with the quality of the milk being supplied - our somatics and bactoscan results are well within the acceptable limits.

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