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Dessert for cows

September 5, 2008
Palm Kernel in the shed

We need more grass!

The spring growth hasn't kicked in yet and we have some paddocks out of action for another 10 days due to fertiliser going on over the last couple of weeks

To help with the feed shortfall we've started supplementing the cows' diets with palm kernel. The majority of their food intake is still grass (along with grass-silage) but we have some palm kernel in troughs outside of the milking shed so the cows can nibble at it after they've been milked.

I explained to one of my young daughters that the palm kernel was like "dessert for cows", to which she said, "ahhh" in agreement.

The next two weeks will be our most difficult in terms of arranging a suitable amount of feed for the cows. Once we get to about the 20th of September then the grass should be growing well enough to sustain a 21-day pasture rotation for the full herd. Until then, enjoy your dessert cows!


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