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Now the tanker comes twice as often

August 30, 2008
Milk tanker passing by

We passed the 7000-litre mark at yesterday's milk collection (for milk over the last two days) and that must have triggered something in Fonterra's database as today the milk tanker was back again ready to collect today's milk. That's a good thing too because I think the maximum capacity of the milk vat is less than 8000 litres!

So now we're on everyday pickup meaning that the tanker comes everyday sometime between 7:30am and about 2:30pm. That also means we have to clean the vat everyday after the milk has been collected but it wont be hard fitting that into the daily routine.

Broken fence to the neighbour's property
An early start on Christmas morning
Cooking dulce de leche
Milk payout drops to $6
Payout to drop further?
Grass cut for silage in front of Mount Taranaki
Sore fingers
Fertiliser truck driving up a grassy hill
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