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High somatics on our first collection

August 11, 2008

The results of our first milk collection are in and they aren't quite what we'd hoped for. We had a high somatic cell count of 350,000. 400'000 would have given us a grade (i.e. financial penalties) so we only just scraped by really.

SCC is usually a bit higher for the first milkings so lets hope that we'll get a better result on the next collection - else we may have a cow or two with infections. We are actually treating a few heifers for mastitis but of course their milk isn't being supplied to the factory - they are clearly marked, milked into test buckets, then have their cups cleaned so there's no chance of passing that infection into the milk vat or onto other cows.

The tanker came and took our second batch of milk in the morning and this time we were up to 1150 litres - maybe we would have made 1350 litres if I hadn't let that milk go on Saturday morning...

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A Year On The Farm said "Good sematics now" on 9-Sep-2008,
We've had some ups and downs with the sematic cell count over the first month of milking but no demerits given and the general trend has been down (which is good!)

Our latest SCC was our best so far, only 100,000. Let's hope it stays that way!
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