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Cows pounded by freak hail storm

August 14, 2008
Cows hit by hail

We were about 15 minutes into milking the cows this afternoon when a sudden hail storm passed over. The noise was horrendous under the roof of the cowshed but I was glad to be inside - the poor cows that were waiting to be milked went a bit crazy as they tried to escape the pounding hail stones.

Looking out onto the paddocks it seemed as though it had snowed!

Luckily things settled down after a few minutes but I'm a bit concerned for the animals' health tonight if any more hailstorms pass over.

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Deadlyjelly said "Good on you!" on 2-Sep-2008,
My sister in law and her boyfriend gave up high pressure city jobs to live and work on their parents' farm last year. They are loving it, although calving season is pretty full-on. Hope you are enjoying your change of vocation and the gorgeous countryside!
A year on the farm said on 3-Sep-2008,
Yes, calving season is definitely full-on! The wintery weather doesn't help much either. But we have 70% of the cows calved now and are starting to get some warmer days so things are looking up.
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