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Nearly trampled!

July 24, 2008
Nearly trampled by the cows

I found out today that what I'd learnt about not rushing cows down the track doesn't always apply to dry cows.

He had to take the herd to the cowshed today to test and adjust the loading of the new drive but of course the cows thought they were moving to a new break of grass. Some of the herd practically ran down the race and I let them go then followed the remainders in at a slower pace (to reduce the chances of them getting hoof injuries).

As I got near the cowshed I saw that the cows up front had realised there was no food up there and tehy were pushing their way back down the race again. The whole mob then started moving back and I realised that I wouldn't be able to stop them there so I drove back a bit where there was a bit more space and tried to get them to turn around towards the shed again.

It didn't work...

I managed to hold up the cows nearest to me for a while but the pressure from behind was too great so I quickly tried to move the bike before it would get knocked over. Unfortunately some of cows saw their chance to run past and once the others spotted what was happening they all tried to run and basically bowled me over with the bike landing half on top of me.

Ok, uncomfortable position... me stuck lying on the ground with 300 cows trying to charge past. Luckily I managed to get up fairly quickly without being trampled to death! I got away with just a bruised knee and grazed hands but the bike had a broken tail light and of course the cows ran all the way back to their paddock again.

Moral of the story? If you need to move dry cows then keep them together and keep them moving so they don't turn around. Oh, and don't park a bike in front of a mob of hungry cows when they're being pushed up from behind!

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