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Cows get cancer too

July 24, 2008

For the second event of the day, we discovered a cow with a huge bloody lump on the side of her head (i.e. literally bleeding).

We had the vet come out and look at her in the afternoon and his consensus was that she has a tumour on the side of her face.

For those of you that fancy being a vet, if you'd been here today you might well have been put off that thought! The vet basically had to scoop the blood, puss and tumour out of the cow's head and it was a bit like a tap had been turned on with blood basically streaming down onto the ground.

Did I take any photos to show you all? I was tempted to but decided that the images would be a bit too graffic for a general audience site like this one!



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A Year On The Farm said "She's still going" on 19-Aug-2008,
One month later our tumourous cow is still alive and able to walk around ok. She lost her calf but does produce milk.

She is pretty thin though and we have her separated from the rest of the herd since she would start bleeding everytime she knocked her head.
Harty said "Have you tested the milk" on 15-Sep-2008,
Hi, have you tested the MILK from the cow with the cancer tumor ? I would be interested if it is safe to drink ? How do you feel about it ? And, you have created a great site! Thanks, Harty
A Year On The Farm said on 15-Sep-2008,
We haven't tested the milk but we have isolated the cow - her milk isn't being used to supply the factory. Instead we have her feeding a couple of calves.

Thanks for the comment!
A Year On The Farm said "Too bad..." on 23-Oct-2008,
Unfortunately we eventually had to put the cow down as she began to suffer pain - we can't allow that to happen when there is no remedy.
hana said "We have a cow with cancer too" on 11-May-2010,
Hi, Thanks for your website, I couldn't find much info on this, but our cow has breast cancer...he milk is bad...the vet told us that she could have the breast removed (chances of infection are a possibility) or put her down..we do not have the heart to put her down. Any thoughts?
A Year On The Farm said on 5-Jul-2010,
Hana, when it comes down to it, putting the cow down may be best option - otherwise the cancel will eventually cause her to experience pain. I guess it depends a bit on how many cows you have, and how much attention you can give her.
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