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New farm bikes

June 2, 2008

These days you can't run a farm without some good machines to move around on. As lower-order sharemilkers we're lucky in that we can use the farm owner's tractors, trailors and some other equipment, but we need to supply the other farm vehicles ourselves.

New Suzuki farm bikes

Since we're just starting out we have to purchase everything we need in advance of having any money flow into the business accounts. But without the right gear we wouldn't be in business at all.

Farm bikes parked in the paddock

Purchasing second-hand farm bikes is a bit risky in my opinion because farm bikes have to endure an awful lot of stress throughout the year. Luckily, the local motorcycle centre has been running a promotion on entry-level farm bikes and we've managed to pick up two Suzuki TF125s for $2995 each ($NZ and including GST.)

Suzuki TF125 is a two-stroke motorcycle but the engine oil goes into a separate container meaning we can simply fill the bikes up with regular unleaded petrol and they're ready to go. They're kick-starters and not as powerful as the boss's Honda 250 but they're good enough to get the job done and a great deal at under $3000.

We've also purchased a second hand ATV (quad) for $6500 and are looking at getting an old Toyota Hilux which we can use for trips into town as well as driving out over the farm.

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